Formula that takes a Start Date from one column and calculates number of days populates another colu

Fredrick Rogers
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I have tried a number of formulas in an effort to - enter a date in one column / row and have it calculate out 30 days and self populate a date in a different column / same row .  This date column is already part of another calculation dependent on a completion date to give me how many days past due .  

I have  a check box which is formatted in to a cell to count how many projects are in sheet (Numaric) - Release date -  which i need to auto fill the date due column -  I have a start date that already is already formatted in to the project count to show how many projects are started (Numaric)  -  Due Date (Which i need to have auto filled 30 days from the release date) Column Date submitted are the drivers in the Days past due  

Seems like it would be simple - like i'm missing something  -  put a date in one cell and have another cell display a date all in the same row -  can any one give me a suggestion -  might be over thinking here .  


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    =[Start Date]1 + 30 


    will give you 30 days after the start date if that is what you are asking for. If not i'm gonna need a little more clarity. Maybe a screenshot?

  • Thank you this worked was able to get required results from your information  -  ? was back on its self . 


    =[Start Date]1 + 30 start date]) brought it around .   Thanks so much  You have a wonderful rest of your day .  

    Again much appreciated -  First time on the community - Found it very useful .