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To enter WEEKENDS as typical non-working days, and as to not have them counted in schedule durations, we simply go into EDIT PROJECT SETTINGS and make sure Saturday/Sunday are not checked.  This is great throughout the duration of the project.

But what do you do when you need to have a crew work through a specific weekend or series of weekends and don't want to mess with other project/scope durations?

We should be able to edit a row / task to enable working on weekends for specific contractors.  I don't see one.  Any way around this?





  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee


    Thanks for your post. It sounds like you want the project overall to honor a Monday through Friday schedule, but there are specific tasks which must take place during the weekend. 

    Although there isn't a way to designate specific weekends that should be worked through, you can define specific tasks which will ignore the general weekdays for the project. For specific rows or tasks, notate duration in Elapsed Time by preceding the duration with an "e" to ignore the regular workday restrictions for the project overall. For example, a task with an elapsed time duration of four days would be notated with e4d.

    More information about duration, predecessors, and project settings can be found below:

    I hope this helps!

    Isaac J

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