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I am building a report for a client to show the changes of a status from week to week. My plan is to have (3) columns - the first column will be a live link to the client's status. The second column will be a DataMesh run weekly that will copy from the client worksheet to my worksheet. The third column will DataMesh weekly the second column on my worksheet to the third column on my worksheet. This way we can track current vs. 1 week vs. 2 week.

My only concern is that I can't configure a TIME for the DataMesh. And if the "client to column 2" DataMesh runs before the "column 2 to column 3", it would ruin the column 3 (as it would then be the same as column 2). So is there any way to time the DataMesh so that one runs 30 minutes or so after another, or is it totally arbitrary what time the DataMesh runs?

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    Thank you for your question. I'm happy to shed some additional light on this scenario.

    We actually recommend only having one Data Mesh configuration run per unique target sheet to prevent issues. As you mentioned, if mesh B runs before mesh A, it will not work as expected. Additionally, you may also run into API token issues regarding a single sheet attempting to be updated by two different API calls using the same toke at the same time. This will cause an error on the backend and will also not work as expected.

    At this time, the only update intervals are those listed in the update frequency drop-down and you are unable to specify a time. If the source for your mesh is a sheet, you may try setting mesh A to update immediately and have mesh B update at least hourly or, from the sounds of your scenario, weekly may be a possible option. This should keep any possible interference to a minimum.

    Alternatively, you may also choose to set mesh B to be a manual update. This does take a little bit of time on your end but gives you complete control of the update to ensure everything updates as expected.

    That being said, I'm also happy to file an enhancement request with out product team for adding support for updating at a specified time, rather than the set intervals.

    Thank you for your time. Please feel free to reach out to our support team(, should you have any additional questions or concerns. We are more than happy to help!

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    I would like to add a vote for scheduling DataMesh
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    I set the frequency of my configuration to 1 day in the hope of it running daily. It didnt. It ran when I manually ran it but not again after that. What am I doing wrong?