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PDF export showing a Gantt chart with a different appearance than in the smartsheet

Gayathri Das
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



I tried to export a report using pdf, when I did that The Gantt Chart shows bars which are not the same as in sheets. In the sheets I see the progress bar from Q4 last year to Q3 this year. But in the pdf I only see the a tiny box in Q3 this year.


Any help on this. I tried changing the print setting but nothing changed.





  • Greg Hawk

    The printed PDF will be how the report looks. In the report, does the Gantt chart also only show a little box for Q3?


    Check the Gantt settings and see which start and end date columns are used in the report Gantt. Gantt charts only support one start and one end date columns. So if you have multiple sheets with different start and end date column names (Start vs Start Date for example). This will come into the report as 2 different columns and only one can be used in the Gantt chart. This could be why some of your tasks are not displayed on the Gantt chart. 

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