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I'm working with Datamesh for some automations across some sheets for portfolio management.

I've got an Intake form as my source sheet and then another as my target for more detailed info.

I'm getting the Error! PARTIAL_SUCCESS each time it tries to run.  

I cannot seem to find any documentation on this error message and how to clear it up.



  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Employee Admin


    It's possible this error is related to a mapped date column. Can you ensure that all your date columns associated with your Data Mesh configuration are set to Date column type and are not restricted to dates only?

    Should this not resolve your issue. We will need to take a deeper look into your settings and sheets for the configuration. Please reach out to our support team for continued troubleshooting.

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    Smartsheet Support

  • Jason Tarpinian
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    I'll throw in my experience with this too, same error, different solution than above. My issue was in the target sheet I had a column that was restricted to a drop-down list, and the source sheets had different data. I corrected it by turning off the restriction on the target sheet.

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  • Jim Schaffhausen
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    Thank you Jason! I ran into this as well.... 

  • Hi,

    I am having this same problem. After some troubleshooting it seems that even if the column type is the same when you have the options restricted it will not allow the datamesh to run. Even if the dropdown options are the same in both sheets. Is that correct?

  • jwilson10533
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    Same ERROR. Nothing here new to take action on in terms of approaches above.. I do not have a restriction in target drop-down list fields. Data types the same where date columns. Help?

  • I was able to resolve my ERROR due to the fact I was trying to bring across an End Date. If you only bring across (sync) the start date and a duration, the target End Date is calculated automatically and is therefore NOT needed in the mapping. I hope that helps other folks.