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Does anyone know if Data Uploader can be configured to import data from certain cells (not just columns) into cell data in Smartsheet?  I have a large number of excel sheets that are not arranged by specific column type. I need to be able to quickly import data into smartsheet, matching a primary key, then importing data from several specific cell references in the excel sheet.  For example, if the smartsheet primary column (ID number) =XYZ and matches a primary cell in the excel file (ID number), then import excel cell A42 into smartsheet column 4 for the matching row etc.


If data uploader cannot do this, any other suggestions?


  • Anthony M.
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    Data Uploader works based off mapped columns and is set to bulk import data from your Excel file. To then pull specific data from that sheet, you could utilize another premium app of ours, Data Mesh. Data Mesh would allow you to specify a ID column in both source and target sheets. If said target sheet has a cell in the primary ID column, that matches your primary ID column in your source sheet, it will pull over any row information for columns mapped in the Data Mesh configuration. That Data Uploader sheet would be your source sheet for your Data Mesh configuration.

    Please see our Help Center article for more information on Data Mesh,

    If you run into any issues or have any questions regarding Data Mesh or Data Uploader. Please feel free to reach out directly to our support team. We are happy to assist further.


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