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Hello, I have a task board in smartsheet that my team uses to track work.  We have a third part application we use to track metrics and it only integrates with google sheets.  Not smartsheet.  Is there a way to have smartsheet data sync to a google sheet?


  • Yes! You could consider using something like Zapier - they have done a lot of the "heavy lifting" for you with connections pre-built and then it's a matter of defining the trigger and action. For example, I have used zapier to integrate Smartsheet + Airtable for storing data and then sending client facing emails (using a html template) which looks a lot better than the standard Smartsheet generated emails!

    See example screenshot.




  • @sean59916 I can't seem to figure out Zapier's triggers to appropriately sync google sheets with a simple smartsheet. Any chance you'd be willing to discuss off here?

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    Hi @Ryan Matthews

    Did you get it working or do you still need help?

    Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!


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    Has anyone tried the Smartsheet Live Data Connector?

    This is hot on our todo list.

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