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Formula Imbalance

Nicky Apap
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I know I've missed something basic here.


=SUM([Contract Amt]1:[S- AWO $]1:[CL AWO $]1)-([Material Allowance]1:[Sub Allowance]1)/[Total FB Hours])


Thanks for help!!



  • DJ Dates


    The imbalance looks like it might be the result of the final close parens.

    Another issue may be the use of ranges (colons).


    SUM([Contract Amt]1:[S- AWO $]1:[CL AWO $]1)

    should probably be

    SUM([Contract Amt]1,[S- AWO $]1,[CL AWO $]1)

    with commas instead of colons.


    -([Material Allowance]1:[Sub Allowance]1)/[Total FB Hours])

    should probably be

    -SUM([Material Allowance]1:[Sub Allowance]1)/[Total FB Hours]

    as the range may not make sense without the sum function.

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