Use Smartsheet for an easy way to start spreadsheets rather than Excel?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am a sub-novice when it comes to spreadsheets, so this will seem like an extremely dumb question. I don't have to use or create spreadsheets too often in my work, but when I do, its usually for some information I need to get to administration yesterday. The spreadsheets I create are fairly simple. I would like to use Smartsheet for everything and create more spreadsheets, but I pay for my own software at work and wish I could be able to afford a bigger plan and have more than 10 sheets. So when I think I am done entering data, I have to convert them to Excel so I can save the work. I would rather keep them as Smartsheet sheets, but 10 is all I can have.

So I'm looking for opinion and advice. Is it better to take time to learn Excel well along with Smartsheet.... Or continue what I'm doing now - using Smartsheet to generate a spreadsheet and export to Excel when needed?