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Donni Matthew
Donni Matthew ✭✭✭✭
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I'm trying to create a formula that will look at my "Measurement" column for the text "PBI" at the beginning of this formula:  =IF([Rank/Actual PTR]434 > [Score/Goal PTR]434, "PTR Exceeded", IF([Rank/Actual PTR]434 = [Score/Goal PTR]434, "PTR Met", IF([Rank/Actual PTR]434 < [Score/Goal PTR]434, "PTR Not Met", ""))).

So, I only want the Rank/Actual & Score/Goal fields to result in a value IF the Measurement column contains "PBI".  I'm assuming I need to include a CountIf formula, but don't know where to put it in my existing formula.

Hope that makes sense.  Any help is appreciated.


  • sean59916
    sean59916 ✭✭✭

    Hi Donni - 


    If i have understood your question correctly, you could use a formula like below (see image):

    =IF(FIND("PBI", Measurement1) <> 0, IF([Rank/Actual PTR]1 > [Score/Goal PTR]1, "PTR Exceeded", IF([Rank/Actual PTR]1 = [Score/Goal PTR]1, "PTR Met", IF([Rank/Actual PTR]1 < [Score/Goal PTR]1, "PTR Not Met", ""))), "")

    This will first look to see if the measurement column contains the phrase "PBI", if so then move onto your existing logic.

    I hope this helps you out?





  • Donni Matthew
    Donni Matthew ✭✭✭✭

    That did it!  Thank you so much!

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