Formula irregularity

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Fairly new to Smartsheet, although I know my way around an Excel spreadsheet. 

I am trying to create a count of how many reports are submitted per hour on each given day. The reports come in via a Web Form, into the Taxi Rank Data sheet.

I have created the following Sheet (see attached jpg)

with the following formula, 

=COUNTIFS({Taxi Rank Data Range 2}, Hours8, {Taxi Rank Data Range 1}, $[Shift Date]$2)

My issue is that the formula works perfect for the first 5 timeslots but the remaining do not work, the timeslots are selected via a dropdown box and are exactly the same in both sheets. I have selected the entire Column during the Data range selection for the Hours (2) and Date(1). Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.




Smartsheet Question.jpg


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