linking checkboxes between two sheets vice-versa


I have two sheets full of checkbox’s.

Sheet 1 is a summary page

Sheet 2 is a working page

Sheet 1 gains automatic inbound ticks linked in from cells in Sheet 2

However, my question, is, in the Summary page (Sheet 1), I would like to sometimes tick “off” a cell AND THEN HAVE THE ASSOCIATED Cell in SHEET 2 automatically tick "off".

However, currently, if I try to tick off within sheet 1, it says “This cell is updated via an inbound link from another sheet.  Remove the link before editing the cell”.

Question: Is there someway to make it so that if I tick "on" a cell in Sheet 1, then sheet 2 cell ticks "on", PLUS also if I were to then tick "off" in Sheet 2, then the cell in Sheet 1 then ticks "off" also. i.e. ticks in checkboxes (or perhaps linked checkboxes) go either way between two sheets?

Example, Staff member "aka John" has ticked "on" a checkbox to signify completion of a job in Sheet 2 (which then automatically links to my summary sheet (sheet 1), however, as the Manager, I unfortunately needed to reject the work (untick it) from the Summary page (Sheet 1) as the job in my opinion was not satisfactory carried out, and I want to tick it "off" (from the summary page) and have it therefore tick back "off" in Sheet 2 (workers page) (and provide feedback comment etc)...