Nested IF

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I am looking to do a nested if so if a value is x y is returned, see below details-;


  • IF COM = A
  • IF CR = B
  • IF HAR = C
  • IF ARF = D
  • IF AR = E
  • IF PSRF = F
  • IF PSR = G
  • IF 2020 PSR = L

I am having an issue with the below formula's (whichever way round I put it):


=IF(Type117 = "PSR", "G", IF(Type117, ="PSRF", "F", 0)) 


I am thinking it is because PSRF and PSR are similar - is there any way round this? Sorry if it doesnt make sense. 





  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You have an extra comma in the second IF between the cell reference and it's criteria.


    Because you have so many different possibilities, it may be easier to build a table (like the one in your OP) and use an INDEX/MATCH to pull the correct value. That will provide much more flexibility if you end up needing to change, add, or delete and of the values.


    If you are interested, I can walk you through setting that up.