Only Include Rows with Data in a Bar/Column Chart

Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am looking for a way to only show rows that have data or are non-zero in a bar chart like the pie and donut charts do. I have a list of people with counts for how many rows they have assigned to them on a master sheet. I want to have multiple dashboards (one per manager) that shows the number of assigned rows to each person and will have a separate "Counter" sheet, that holds this information, to power each dashboard. I have my data correct and the chart made, but it shows all of the people instead of only the people that have data in their cells and it is messy looking because of all of the rows without data. If needed, I can delete all of the people who are not under the corresponding manager and solve the problem that way, but I would prefer to keep them to make duplicating the sheet for each manager easy. Thank you for your help!

Bar Chart Issue.png