Nesting Parent(Parent())? Is that a thing?

Sinema ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I had a super long post but I'm finding that the people who tend to respond are people who want to be hired as consultants.

I'm not really interested in that, so I figured out my own issues the best way I could. :)

I've got myself to this point

=SUMIFS({Resources_Required Data}, {Group_Name}, {Group 3}, {Weather Data}, PARENT([Primary Column]229), {Day of Week Data}, $[Primary Column]229, {ADD_TIMESTAMP Data}, YEAR(@cell) = 2016)


This accomplishing my goal.. even if it could be done better, but the cherry on this formula would be if I could get rid of {Group 3} and have it identify the parent of the parent of that cell..

I use PARENT of a specific location and it updates automatically in the formula, which is great but if that specific piece could identify the parent of the child of that cell then it would be perfect.