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I just start using dashboard in smartsheet & couldn't find any topic on this.

I want to create a spreadsheet table in the dashboard, which can also be edited by my colleagues.

Is there a way to create the spreadsheet table in dashboard? If not, what is the best solution so my colleagues can keep updating the information?


  • sean59916
    sean59916 ✭✭✭

    Indi - 

    Welcome! That is an option - If you publish the sheet (click on the globe icon on the right side of the sheet) as Edit by anyone, copy the URL and paste that in a web content widget on the dashboard. This also allows anyone that has the link to access the sheet though.

    Depending on the use case, you may also want to consider:

    • Creating a summary report on the dashboard and have the interaction point to the underlying sheet
    • Creating a form in the sheet and exposing that form on the dashboard using the web content widget as well

    I hope this helps?



  • Indi

    Thanks Sean.

    I'll try these solutions & see which one they prefer.