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Line breaks not carrying forward in Sights

Tom Schlofner
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have cells that each have several short topics that I separate using line breaks (ctrl-enter) to make the text more readable.  For example:


topic 1

topic 2

topic 3



When display these cells in Sights using the Sheet widget, that formatting is lost and the topics all run together.  This is the result in Sights:


topic 1 topic 2 topic 3 


I was hoping this latest release indicating that cell formatting could be preserved but this type of formatting apparently is not.  I'm attempting to create a dashboard of textual updates that roll up two levels in the organization but this is a serious limitation.  Am I missing something?



  • Thanks Tom for the feedback. We are looking into adding inheriting wrap text in Metric & Sheet Data widgets in a future release.


    In the meantime, a few other options are:

    - Add the line items to a Rich Text widget, which you can update them directly in the Sight and apply bullets & formatting as desired.

    - Add each item to a different cell. Then, pull the set of cells into the Sight via a Sheet data widget. Or you could pull them into a report and then show them in the Sight via a Report widget. (A report would accommodate a variable number of rows.)


    Hope this helps,



    Product Manager | Smartsheet

  • Hi again Tom,

    New line characters should appear in Metric and Sheet Summary widgets as expected (regardless of whether the Use Cell Formatting button is pressed) as of our June release on 6/14. Thanks again for reporting the issue!



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