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How to connection/Integration of Smartsheet with Outlook 2013 Desktop

Elie M.
Elie M.
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a clear tutorial or procedure  to connect Smartsheet with Outlook 2013 Desktop. 

My Outlook is connected to an exchange server. I don't have any Office 365 login or paid account. I tried to install https://store.office.com/smartsheet-for-outlook-WA104379434.aspx?assetid=WA104379434# but a Microsoft account is required.


Because i like smartsheet, i created one (a free one). After installation, i can see that the component is installed but i cannot use it.


Is it possible to post a procedure step by step ? Could you insiste for Outlook 2013 Desktop (without any Office 356 account) ?


Thank you for your help.


  • Joseph Miller

    Hi Elie!


    Our Outlook integration currently only works with Office 365 accounts. Since you have an Exchange server set up, it won't work. 


    We are planning on eventually expanding the integration to include other platforms besides Office 365, but we're not quite there yet. 


    Let me know if you have any questions!




  • LynneE
    edited 08/07/16


    I actually have a Home Office 365 account but I can not get the Outlook 2016 to work with smartsheet.. The Smartsheet app has downloaded ok & I can see it in Outlook . When I click onto the app to action it, it  asks me to loggin to my microsoft account ....I put in my login but it tells me "not found" - HELP .

    When Smartsheet says it connects with all 365 accounts .... is it only Business / Student based accounts ??# 

    Really frustrated as was looking forward to integrating both programs & using emails to creat tasks lists..... Any help much appreciated ??




  • Mike Smith

    I have the exact same situation as the OP.  Outlook 2013 desktop app & exchange hosted corporate email.  I'd really like to be able to use this add-in in Outlook so I could finally kick my other, less elegant workaround to the curb.  Until then I have to put Smartsheet on the back burner in my workflow.  Need integration with exchange email.

  • Stuart Holcombe
    edited 12/15/16

    I use Outlook 365 Home on my Laptop.  Can I integrate emails and documents to my various Smartsheet folders/rows?  If so, how?

  • ChristinaP
    ChristinaP ✭✭✭

    Hi Joseph, 

    Our organisation is in the same boat as Elli. Do you have a timeframe for when you plan on doing further integration to use other platforms?

  • JBerry

    I'm in the same boat.  Does anyone have a good workaround for this?  I know I can always just copy/paste emails to the comments but sometimes there are graphics/images embedded in the email that I need as well and they don't translate correctly.  

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