Has anyone else had a problem when moving Smartsheet windows to a 2nd monitor?

Dawn Morgan
Dawn Morgan ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in API & Developers

When I need to work in multiple sheets, I find it easier to open several sessions of Smartsheet and have one on monitor 1 and one on monitor 2.  But when I'd like to move the session I have open on monitor 2 over to monitor 1 and nest it at the top in IE, the right side of the screen inside the frame gets cut off.  The scroll bar is in the middle of the screen.  It doesn't matter if I move the session from the right monitor to left, or left monitor to right it always does this.  So I have to close Smartsheet first, then open IE on the opposing monitor and then open Smartsheet all over again and go to the sheet I was working on.   Anyone else notice this?

Screen Issue 6-10-19.jpg