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Assigned tasks to Google Calendar

  1. Hi guys,
  2. Is there anyway to export tasks "assigned to me" across multiple sheets to google Calendar.  I can build a report but reports cannot be synced with google calender.






  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Sulaiman, there is not a way to do this, unless you use cell linking to link your tasks to another sheet, then publish that new sheet to Google Calendar.


    I'll submit your request to only publish tasks you are assigned to! 

  • Hello,

    a year has passed since the original request, so I would like to ask the same thing. Is there a way, how I can sync to my google calendar only tasks, that have been assigned to me?

    Naturally, sharing all created tasks looks in calendar view on mobile phone very messy and thus unusable. In order to effectively use Smartsheet calendar export, this functionality is crucial.

    Thank you for the answer and have a nice day.


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