Error code 5570 when sending e-mail notification

edited 12/09/19 in API & Developers

I have a trial account with Smartsheet. I am using smartsheet API with curl to create/update few sheets. The requirement is to email these sheets at EOD to a couple of users. However, receiving error code 5570, 'you have exceeded maximum number of e-mails that your account can send'. 

The limitations document states that the daily limit on a trail account is 5 e-mails per user. I have 2 sheets targeted at 2 e-mail addresses. However, not a single email is delivered. Also unable to send any notifications through the account [unable to share sheet manually with notification].

Please suggest how this can be resolved. It is important for me to demonstrate this feature to the management. 

API response:

  "errorCode": 5570,

  "message": "You have exceeded the maximum number of emails that your account can send. If you would like this limit raised, please contact",

  "refId": "1e8x9ffzwmhxa"