Vlookup #UNPARSEABLE Error linking to separate sheet

I get an #UNPARESABLE error message for a vlookup I am trying to create to a separate file in SmartSheet, I suspect there is a problem in the syntax. I've tried multiple tweaks to this formula with no success.

As a check I exported the SmartSheet and the external file to Excel and had no problem successfully creating a vlookup there.  Can anyone see what the error is in my vlookup syntax?

SmartSheet formula

=VLOOKUP(Name11:Name13, {PSF Range}),6,true)

Name is the column with the search value

PSF Range is a named range in a different SmartSheet file which contains the lookup table.

Excel formula

=VLOOKUP(A12:A34,'C:\Users\warrenc2\Documents\[Copy of Export_psfeesV1.xlsx]2019 Forecast by Quarter'!$A:$F,6,TRUE)

"Copy of Export_psfeesv1" is the separate sheet with the  lookup table




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