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ASK: Adjust the automatic settings when you add a new row


hi everybody ..


I have a simple sheet to calculate the revenues and expenses and gross remaining in the treasury (balance) ..


But This sheet has a specified number of rows, and each time if i add a new row must I add the calculation for the row to get the total (balance).


How can I add a new row and takes the same calculation method of the previous row.? !!


In the sheet:


Columns are as follows:


A Date


B Discrption


C revenues


D expenses


E Balance


F Notes


Operations in rows as follows:


1 detection title


2 insert the date, Description and revenues only, and the balance is the same as the value entered in revenues.


3 insert the date, Description and revenues, or expenses , the balance 3 is as follows:





The problem I have is when you add a row 4 must Enter same calculation method of the previous to conform to row 4, and so on in each row is inserted.




How can I make any add a new row to take automatically this process (the previous row balance+current revenues-current expenses) ..?


best regards,







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