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Easier way to populate discussions?

Mario K M
Mario K M
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

One of the ways we use SmartSheet is to help us manage parts that experiencing a supply/demand imbalance.  Because SS doesn't have dynamic updating (i.e. vlookup), we had to structure the tables with a static snapshot on why the part made the list.  For example, number of past due orders, inventory levels, etc.


Once a part hits key CTQs (analysis/reporting done outside of SS), it makes the makes the SS list.  Parts remain active in the list until the supply and demand are balanced again.  The part then becomes inactive and locked.  That helps us pull history on how many times a part made the list and why the part got into trouble.


We use the "Discussion" area to help with the collaboration necessary to resolve the supply/demand imbalance.  People responsible for planning, purchasing agents that interface with the suppliers, customer service reps that interface with the customers, may all add valuable information in the discussions.


Here lies the challenge.  Most people get the email from Smartsheet for an updated status and reply to all.  So the discussion happens but outside SS instead in email.  The way around that challenge is to have the admin copy and past the email back into SS.


Is there a way that discussions via email can be linked back to SS?

Is there another way to accomplish what we are doing?  I tried to use the WebForm which on the surface sounds like it might work except I don't see a way to add the "discussions"? 

Also, each row may have different people that require to be updated.  It doesn't fit neatly into the "1 point of contact per row" that SS has.


  • Kara Lumley

    Hi Mario,

    We hope to have email integration with Discussions this fall. In the meantime, have you tried using Update Requests on your sheet? You can schedule them to go out on a recurring basis, and folks can update relevent data without creating new rows.  Let me know if you'd like me to take a look at your sheet and see if I can offer any other suggestions (kara.lumley@smartsheet.com).

    Thank you!


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