Graphing Sumif Data for Date Specific Criteria


Hi Newbie here...

My first attempt at creating a graphical / chronological representation of Date specific ALLOCATION subtotals has resulted in an #invalidoperation message. 

Goal is to show Users combined ALLOCATION on the Y-axis over time increments (wks, mo, etc.)

I'm sure you guys have already done this one so any help would be much appreciated!

The graphical part is easy and has already been achieved with dummy data, its the formula (or alternative approach) i'm grappling with which i'm pulling from my workspace.

=SUMIFS({SoCal Precon Workspace Range 3}, {SoCal Precon Workspace Range 5} = RESOURCE3, {SoCal Precon Workspace Range 4}, >=7 / 1 / 2019, {SoCal Precon Workspace Range 1}, <=7 / 31 / 2019)

Thanks in advance!



  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Just a couple of minor tweaks...

    1. You are missing a comma between your first range and criteria.

    2. When using a date in a formula, you need to use the DATE function: DATE(yyyy, mm, dd)


    =SUMIFS({SoCal Precon Workspace Range 3}, {SoCal Precon Workspace Range 5}, = RESOURCE3, {SoCal Precon Workspace Range 4}, >= DATE(2019, 7, 1), {SoCal Precon Workspace Range 1}, <= DATE(2019, 7, 31))

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