"Item is not currently available" error upon login

Vance McMillan
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We have a number of staff who are accessing Smartsheet, some as registered users under the Team plan, and many others who have free accounts and edit sheets shared with them.


On one user's computer, however, whether she logs in with her free account or I log in with my Admin account, the first thing that happens is a pop-up error stating "The item is not currently available - it may have been deleted or your permission may have been removed from it."


This doesn't happen if I log into Smartsheet on my machine with my account, but when I log into Smartsheet on her machine with my account, it occurs - seems to be machine specific?


Would appreciate any thoughts - it doesn't seem to stop any functionality, but is a bit annoying, especially when the affected user happens to be a General Manager!