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API 2.0 UpdateRows - Partial Success

Mike Steiner
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi Community guys!

I am using version of Smartsheet C# SDK (smartsheet-csharp-sdk.dll).


When doing bulk updates via "UpdateRows" using the API in C#, is there a way to use the parameter allowPartialSuccess (true or false)?





  • Joseph Miller

    Hi Mike!


    I know historically our SDKs did not support the allowPartialSuccess parameter, but there's been some recent activity to get them up to parity with the latest API release. I'm going to check with our SDK team on this question and get back with you. In the meantime I'll open a support ticket and send you an email shortly about this issue. 


    In the future, it's best to post these types of questions on StackOverflow or you can shoot an email to the Smartsheet API team at api@smartsheet.com.




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