Count days from Start Date enetered and stop count when Finish Date is entered

Tonna Heyneke
Tonna Heyneke ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Good day,

If someone could please assist.

I'm looking for a formula that counts my "wayleave" days starting from since the "wayleaves have been submitted, and stops the count as soon as the Actual Finish date is entered for the "Wayleave".

Ps. Should also be "NETWORKDAYS".

Example Columns:

Column "ROW 1 Actual Start":  Date entered when the wayleave is submitted.

Column "ROW 1 Actual Finish":  Date entered when the wayleave is received.

Column "Time Lapsed": Calculation count days from "ROW 1 Actual Start" entered up to (Today), and stops the count when "ROW 1 Actual Finish" date is entered.







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