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Converting visual symbols to dropdown text for card view

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We use quite a few visual symbols in tracking our customers.  For instance RYG balls for tracking phone calls.  Is there an easy way to convert back to text so that we can use in card view?  Pasted an example below.  First column Red (called, but have got a call back), Yellow (called, but had to leave message), Green (talked, moved on to next column).  Next column Red (haven't set up a meeting time), Yellow (set up a time to meet), Green (had meeting), then the next column comes into play.  Maybe there are plans in the future for card view to incorporats symbols, and maybe I'm just overlooking that feature... :)





  • Greg Gates
    Greg Gates ✭✭✭✭✭

    If I understand what you're asking, I think you want the text (e.g. "Called, but have not received a call back") on the card view instead of the symbol, right? If you're asking whether or not symbols can be displayed in the card view, just make sure you have the field selected as one of the fields to display!


    As for the text: It definitely won't be the prettiest formula, but you could probably accomplish this by following similar steps to this issue: https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/support-tip-automate-RYG-balls


    I would create a new column for every one of your symbol columns above, and then fill it with a formula that translates the symbol to text. As an example, we could make a new "Call Status Text" column and fill each cell with a formula like this (I'm assuming your first column in the picture has a name that's something like "Call Status"):


    =IF([Call Status]1 = "Red", "Called, but have not got a call back", IF([Call Status]1 = "Yellow", "Called, but had to leave message", IF([Call Status]1 = "Green", "Talked, moved on to next column", "")))


    Basically, this formula figures out what message to give based on the status color chosen. The formulae for each of your other status columns would all be similar I imagine - just change the column names and the text you want to replace.


    Finally, over in card view, click on Fields. Then, unselect your original status columns and instead select the text columns you just created. Hopefully that works for you! I know this solution is a bit convoluted, so if you find a better answer I would be eager to know!



  • Elisabeth Lennarz
    edited 07/03/16

    I was hoping for the same thing...the ability to create the card view column headings based on the symbol field. In other words, one column would be a list of all the records with red status, next one orange and next one green.

    Right now, the only fields available for selection are the drop down lists. Any chance of adding this feature?

  • Greg Gates
    Greg Gates ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/05/16

    Hi Elisabeth! 


    You can actually use exactly what I described above, just set the column you're putting the formula in to be a dropdown list instead of text/number. The only difference is that you have to make sure your formula has the text exactly the same as your dropdown list choices.

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