Decline License Requests

David Hersher
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello Everyone,

It looks like Admins now have the ability to decline a license request instead of getting reminders and having the request stay open in Account Admin indefinitely.  That's a great enhancement.

Does anyone know whether the requester gets notification that they've been declined?  I'm looking to clean up some requests that were ultimately granted outside of the normal process and am trying to figure out whether I need to warn the users that they may get an email but their access will not be impacted or if the requests will quietly go away.

Thanks in advance.



  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
    edited 08/01/19

    Hi there David,

    This has been tested and I can confirm that users should receive an email when the license has been declined.

    If the users are not receiving emails, please can you check with your local IT team to ensure that these emails are not being blocked.

    In addition to this, you can contact Smartsheet Support if your local IT team are unable to resolve the issue.

    Hope this helps

    Kind Regards


  • David Hersher

    Thank you for the reply, Sean.  Sorry so late acknowledging it!