Formulas not showing in new rows

handmadetsunami ✭✭✭✭
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Not sure if this is a new issue but formulas in sheets aren't showing in new rows if there is a parent row below it.

The first attachment shows how the sheet is setup and a number of columns have formulas in them.

If I add a row between Test 3 and the Applications Confirmed parent row, it won't pull the formulas down (regardless of how many rows I have above it) and just leaves them blank. They are locked columns so its an issue for end users as the fields don't populate

If I add a blank row (second attachment and the row is only locked so noone can remove it) and then add a row between Test 3 and the blank row, its pulls the formulas down.

Has anyone else experience this? I only noticed it started happening last week

Option 1.JPG

Option 2.JPG


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