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Changing the display of text / image in scheduled reminders

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I have a smartsheet set up, and off the back of it, I have a set of monthly reports set up.


I am sending my users reminders on a weekly basis, with the reminder containing the url links to the smartsheet and that month's report.


For some reason, when users receive the reminder,  in addition to the message and the the reminder, it's also showing a print preview type view of the first part of the report. I need to get rid of this, as it only shows half the tasks.


Any idea how I can do this?




  • Kennedy Stomps
    Kennedy Stomps Employee
    edited 07/11/16

    Hi HB-- To confirm, when sending a Reminder from a sheet, it will include a snapshot of as much sheet data as will fit in the email. To get around this, you might consider sending a recurring email from the Report, rather than the sheet: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/516096#reportattachment. This would allow you to include a PDF or Excel copy of the Report and a message section that could include your URLs. It will also only include an attachment of the report, rather than a snapshot of the data in the body of the email. Hope this helps!

  • HB
    edited 07/14/16

    great, thank you!

  • ruiovaz
    ruiovaz ✭✭

    Hi Kennedy


    This is a good workaround when we want recurring reminders, but I generaly have reminders based on column date fields.


    Would'nt it be easier to give the same facility in reminders that we have in update requests, choosing columns to display in the email?



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