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I have a Smartsheet (Smartsheet A) with multiple date columns. These dates have been added using various formulae. I also link some of these dates into a master sheet (Mastersheet A) that consists of a Gantt Chart. 

The dependency settings on the Mastersheet A with the Gantt chart is such that there are only 5 working days (Monday through Friday). However, the dependencies on Smartsheet A have not been enabled. Adding dates in Smartsheet A using a formula also takes weekends into account. 

Now when I link the dates to the Mastersheet A, only weekdays appear. To work around this, I enabled the dependencies on Smartsheet A, selected only 5 working days and re entered all my formulae (refer to picture: dependency setting). in the date columns. I also have two temporary date columns in the same sheet, temp s and temp e, where dates can be entered manually. 

However, on entering the formulae after changing the dependencies, weekends still appear (picture: weekend_dependency). How do I stop this from happening ?

The next issue I have is, with the dependency enabled, Weekends appear on the temp s (in smartsheet A) column even though they shouldn't. (refer to picture: Weekend_start_date). 


I really need for weekends to NOT be taken into account in my primary sheets, so that the dates in them can match the dates when I link them on the Mastersheet. 


Is there any work around ?


Thank you




dependency setting.PNG




  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    Non-working days will still appear in the calendar picker, but non-working days and holidays aren't included in duration calculations. Also, tasks and milestones can be scheduled manually to start on a non-working or holiday, but end dates can't occur on these types of days.

    I'd suggest submitting a Product Enhancement Request to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this functionality in Smartsheet.