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Trym Dahl
Trym Dahl
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

When we assign our resources with tasks, they will have a schedule looking f.ex. like this:

2016-01-01 > 2016-01-07:    10 hours:     Task 1

So sometimes during that week Resource1 has a task estimated to 10 hours. In another project (another Smartsheet sheet) he/she might have a simular task:

2016-01-01 > 2016-01-07:    20 hours:       Task 2


And his/her daily choirs are scheduled for 10 hours per week.        Task3, Task4, Task5


Is i assign Resource1 with Task1, then he/she will show up as 100% occupied between 2016-01-01 > 2016-01-07 and makred as Red in the resource view.


How do I set this up so that Smartsheet understands that its only 25% (10h) even though the duration is streched over a full workweek?


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