Report for yesterday

Marcel M
Marcel M
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I hope someone can help me.

Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find a way to make a Report for only yesterday,

I work on a big sheet (> 4,000 rows, 25 columns) with many different days in the column [Datum].

Now I want to make a report, that shows only the rows from yesterday. Not today, not further in the past.

I want to make life-charts from the data, so I don't want to open the report and change the date everyday.

Since [Datum] is a date-column, I have to select it in the "When"-field in the Report Builder.


I tried different things, but none of them worked:


-"is in the last 1 day(s)" and "is in the past

--> only "last 1 days" includes today

--> only "is in the past" includes all days in the past

--> There is no way to choose "AND" instead of "OR"


-Help column in the sheet (something like "IF([Datum]:[Datum];=TODAY(-1);"Yesterday")" )

--> I reach the cell limit 

--> the sheet gets very slow and chrashes all the time


-Help sheet to return all entries of yesterday

--> I reach the limit of cross-sheet-references