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  • Andrée Starå
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    I'd be happy to share an example. 

    Please send me an email at, and I'll share it with you.


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  • Steve Gebbie

    @Andrée Starå

    That sounds like what I am after. Do you by chance have an example you can share?

  • kadie
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    Hi @Andrew Stewart ,

    I am using your idea of creating a URL based on the content of cells in my sheet, however, when I try to add another field from the webform to be prefilled by using "&", the link stops becoming a link. Any ideas???

  • kadie
    kadie ✭✭

    I fixed my own issue - the email address ended the link because of the .ca at the end.

    I've had the field that requires an email address put to the end of the link :)

  • Jenny_Chee

    I'm wanting to auto-populate a Project ID Number into a Customer Service Feedback FORM (so the feedback can be traced back to the project - seems like an obvious need).

    I've gotten as far as understanding that I should edit the Customer Feedback form link to include a Query (right?)

    Step 1. Project Request GRID is populated via a Project Request intake FORM, a Project ID # is autonumbered

    Step 2. Project intake GRID includes a WORKFLOW with a trigger to send customer a Customer Feedback FORM (Smartsheet FORM) to the customer once a project is "closed".

    I would really like the Project ID # to autopopulate in the Customer Feedback FROM. Even better would be to have the project name to autopopulate (but willing to settle for Project ID).

    Step 3. Edit Customer Feedback Survey (Smartsheet Form) URL to include Query?

    Does the URL look something like this:”+[Project%20ID]@row+”

    Where does this edited URL go? Do I somehow edit the Customer Feedback FORM URL?

    Hoping there is a viking somewhere in the community who can point me to Vahala

  • Rod_Yenchek
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    Hi all.. So this is along the lines of a previous discussions before. So I have Sheet A and Sheet B. Then I have Form A for input to Sheet A and I have Form B for input to Sheet B. What is the best way to direct a user to the Form B URL generated by a formula after Form A submission? Was thinking that after submission, you could direct the user to Form B using the URL generated by the responses in Form A that would auto pre-fill certain fields in Form B so they wouldn't have to repeat typing them in again. An email address and row# would be used to as an index key to link the 2 sheets together and there would be a 1-to-many relationship between Sheet A and Sheet B.

    I tried adding it to the "send user to a link" after submission but that did not work. Is there a way to do this? What are best practices?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • liz.mayeux
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    Does the 2nd form have to be filled out right away?

    I've been successful with INDEX/MATCH or Datamesh for intake sheet A to intake sheet B entries. This is done by creating a unique for the sheet A that will allow for fields to be autofilled onto sheet B.

    For example:

    Requestor enters information into Sheet A's form and submits

    New line is created w/ an autofill numbering created by SS

    Alert email is forwarded to the requestor noting the unique autofill identifier

    Sheet B form includes the field for the identifier and the questions for that particular sheet

    Sheet B form is submitted

    SS then "fills in the blanks" using the INDEX/MATCH or datamesh tool for the fields that are shared between the 2 sheets.

    Another option would be to use datashuttle to create the new lines in Sheet B after Sheet A is submitted. This is the work around used so you don't have to "move" the line to the new sheet because you can be more selective for the type of information you want to share between the sheets. This would still require an alert email to be sent to the requestor but you can ask them to make the updates from their email vs. creating a different form.