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Modify a Smartsheet I didn't create

Mario K M
Mario K M
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm having trouble and I'm not able to find the answer using the search community.  I'm helping another licensed user to modify their Smartsheet for use.  That requires me to add columns, rows, equations, etc.


First step was the other user made me editor.  I was able to add/delete/modify rows and cell equations but I was not able to add/delete/modify columns.


I thought that maybe I needed "Owner" status so I required the user to make me "Owner".  No difference, still not able to add/delete/modify columns.


Do I need to be the admin of the smartsheet to perform those actions?  Or do I need to start my own then transfer Admin to the other user?


This is turning out to be more complicated than I thought.


  • Hi Mario,


    You have a Smartsheet license, which means that you can create new sheets and reports, and if a colleague shares one of their sheets out to you with "Admin" permissions, you can edit the sheet structure (add/delete columns). 

    When someone does not want you to change the sheet structure, but wants you to make edits - like add/delete rows and edit data/formulas, you can be shared to that sheet as an "editor". 


    You'll also come across another permission, which is "viewer". This allows others to view your sheet, but not save any edits.


    Here's more information on the different permissions and sharing levels.

    Let me know if you want to talk this over on the phone.





  • So I read the information and now I understand why as an editor I could not add/delete/modify columns.  But the user now made "owner", the information says "Admins" can perform those functions and "Owners" can do everyone an "Admin" does plus delete sheets and 1-2 other things.


    Now here is where it gets really interesting... so when I wrote the post yesterday, I was "owner" but the columns functions were visible but not selectable.  This morning, they are... weird.

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