Using SUM function on a column that has IF formulas in the cells

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hoping someone can help me with this issue! Please see the attached screenshot. I'm having this issue on 4 columns but will use the "Visit Metric" column as an example. I want to SUM the values of all the cells in that column within a cell at the bottom of the sheet, =sum([Visit Metric]2:[Visit Metric]114). However, when I do this I keep getting a calculation of 0 every time even though there are clearly 1's in that column. The IF formula in the Visit Metric column cells is =IF([DOV - Estimated DOV]2 > 31, "1", IF([DOV - Estimated DOV]2 < 32, "0")). Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated!