Creating Headers for your Smartsheet

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I would like to know how to create a header for my Smartsheet.


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    Not sure I follow!

    What do you mean?

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    (Reposting, because this forum software doesn't let me edit)

    Beyond the column names, Smartsheet does not have the concept of headings as you might use in Excel or other desktop spreadsheets.

    In Excel you can set rows to for data filtering and sorting, in Smartsheet this is done either via the column title or via a sheet wide filter.

    In Excel you can freeze/lock rows and columns, with is something often done to headings. Smartsheet does not have this concept.

    In Excel people often have rows that are above the headings row. This space can be used for text describing the sheet, place sheet wide variables or summary calculations. These features can be done in Smartsheet via:

        Use comments on sheets for an explanation about the sheet

        The column's description text for info about the column

        The new "Sheet Summary" tool for variables and summaries

        Use Parent rows to summarize child rows

    I think there is good reason for Smartsheet not having these features. In Smartsheet all rows are data to be acted upon via workflows. Non-data cells do not make sense.

    Still there are times when you want to have more header-like, non-data zones in Smartsheet. I have done this via using (or abusing) the row parent/child relations.

    I have setup two sheets to demonstrate this:

    Simple Parent Heading:

    Parent Heading and Notes area:

    If you use either of these, be sure to set any forms to add data to the bottom of the sheet. You will also want to add exclusions to the heading areas to any filters you create.

    I should add that I think it would be a great feature if Smartsheet provided an option for display column descriptions below the column title. Having to hover over the the little "i" info icon to display the description is often not help to the sheet users.

    (I forget if I every submitted this feature request, I will do so now)


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  • Josh Hemsath

    @leejoramo Thank you so much for this helpful response. I've searched through multiple help and forum threads looking for an alternative to freezing rows. You've offered several helpful workarounds.

    Thank you!

  • Olli Matikainen
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    I agree - a freeze row feature would be a useful addition - I would like it for documenting info about the sheet and defining metrics.

    Olli Matikainen

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    I agree as well, need "Freeze Row" to provide better sheet communication to other users of the data. I understand the all rows are data rows concept, but if we can find a solution to simply create a header row that we are able to freeze and then scroll/print, etc the data can make more sense.

    Especially with trackers, or lists that are sent out.

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  • Suzanne Raphael

    OH MY GOD PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THE ABILITY TO FREEZE ROWS FOR 5 YEARS. This is such a standard feature, why in the world would the multiple please be ignored ad infinitum???

  • Jason Cobb

    Hi guys-

    I just made a data sheet that sends the to a report and a dashboard.

    The header row would be cool, but only an easy reference for the stakeholders.

    There are a couple of reasons lacking a header is ok by me:

    1. I'd rather keep the data and formulas hidden a bit more. Johnny Editor has an annoying inkling that he can adjust formulas...and he breaks it.
    2. If there is the opportunity to create data in a better datasheet format than 3NF, I'll take it. I hate redundancy!

    You could use your primary column as your header row and "freeze" it (might take some mental gymnastics tho).

    Then put in your "sheet summary" the types of headers you miss.

    Create a dashboard with a graph using the sheet summary, and stats using "metrics" plug in.

    Hope some of these ideas help. Please let me know if I can help.


  • Mitch Cohen
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    good info, thanks guys.