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Bruce Case
Bruce Case ✭✭✭✭✭
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Has anyone used Power BI with Smartsheet?

I do a lot of things in Smartsheet, and we have another department doing things in Power BI.  I see articles in Smartsheet about Power BI, but not sure what that means or if I have opportunities I should be investigating.


  • Smartsheetchamp

    I have used power bi with smartsheet.

    we have specific business requirements for charting based on data. we used smartsheet for data collection and cloud-based excel functionality to our users.

    we have integrated smartsheet with Power BI and generate nice and neat look charts for our executives for analysis/decision making. they loved with the presentation.

    Good things are that integration with Power BI from smartsheet is sleek and one click.no Additional programming needed.


  • styless
    styless ✭✭✭✭
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    Yes, I have linked my smart sheet data and turned them into powerBI report/visualization for the leadership thing. 

    Like what Smartsheetchamp mentioned, it is an easy one click to get the data source.

  • Bruce Case
    Bruce Case ✭✭✭✭✭

    Interesting!  Any thoughts on now to get started.  I know via Smartsheet, we can pay for a resource to help get things going, but hoping to see what it can do before making that investment.

  • I have been able to load a SmartSheets Gantt Chart into Power BI Desktop and display it with the as Timeline visual but the sheet has groupings and the grouping hierarchy isn't in the data sent to Power BI - this is a big blocker.

    Any suggestions?


  • Kelsey Miller

    @Michael Scherotter was there ever an answer to this question? or were you able to solve it?