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just noticed the last update w regards to attachments. 

im not a huge fan of the large sidebar that pops up and stays in place on the right side. it hides the majority of my sheet and the only way to close is to hit the "X" 

in my opinion, this isnt helpful and i am more than satsified w/ the old format. is it possible to change setting?

the old pop up was way more efficient for me. 




  • Completely agree.  What we could achieve in one mouse click before now takes three!!  

    Generally I love the improvements that roll out but please roll back this one Smartsheet Team.

  • Jason Tarpinian
    Jason Tarpinian ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Definitely agree. The massive graphic takes up so much space, and many of my documents are titles that need to be read horizontally, and with the vertical bar, I can't see much. You can expand the bar, but then your data disappears. Please at least give the option to use the old popup.

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  • yes, another good point with the titles. 

    hopefully these posts are reviewed and taken into consideration. 

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I personally fail to see how the sidebar requires additional clicks. Could someone explain this to me?


    As far as the bar blocking your view is concerned, if I remember correctly, the popup made the sheet completely useless. You couldn't navigate the sheet, and the popup couldn't be moved out of the browser window which means it still blocked your view.


    At least this way the sheet can still be navigated, and clicking the "x" to hide the menu is no more clicks than closing the popup.


    I don't know. I just see all of these complaints, but can't figure out why all of the fuss. The complaints are about the same issues (blocks view/extra clicks), but I have yet to figure out how it is any less convenient than the popup. I am using the same number of clicks, and can now navigate the sheet while viewing the list of attachments. I have yet to experience any of these negatives in comparison to the way things worked with the popup.

  • for me its the new process that doesnt make sense. 

    click on paper click, click on attach files, click on upload from computer. prior was paper clip and click on computer.

    i can live with a few extra steps but prior all i needed to do was hit esc and the pop up disappeard. 

    i begin the name of my files the same, the only change is the revision at the end of each file. the new sidebar prevents me from viewing the entire title. 

    last frustration is the sidebar needs to be manually closed. 

    all i can say is the old system was perfect for me but unfortunatley web based programs dont allow flexibility. 

    i upload 100's of files a day and i dont like the new format. 


  • ricki
    ricki ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Totally agree with the comments above. I am now annoyed every time i have to attach a file or review an attachment (which unfortunately is usually multiple times a day)


    Sometimes i just switch to card view because you can still get to the attachment popup from the card details ... but i worry about how long it will be before they remove that functionality as well


    I feel like there should be a user preference to allow us to stick with the old interface (especially since it is still supported from the card details screen)


    This is extra clicks or more its about a lot more mouse movements


    before: I found my row or card - clicked the paperclip and everything was right there, right where i clicked. it was in the center of the screen exactly where i was looking. If i needed to add a new attachment it was a simple button that was just easy and intuitive to find. If i wanted to download something already attached, it was right where my mouse already was. And as already mentioned i just had to hit escape on the keyboard to close it


    Now: I click the paperclip. Then i have to move all the way over to the right and figure out where to click next which forces me to do a lot of reading and searching. I am happy for you if you find this new process of scrolling all over the place helpful and intuitive but i do not. When i was in attachments i just wanted to look at attachments and didnt need to look at the rest of the sheet. If i wanted to look at the rest of the sheet i would just close the attachments popup. And to close the sidebar is additional motion with the mouse to the top after you had to click at the bottom to add the attachment. 


    It is really not a pleasant change and i do not understand why there is no communication from smartsheet when these changes are being rolled out. Maybe if they had prepared us for this it would have been easier to swallow then one day opening your smartsheet and not understanding where the attachments went unless you happened to look at the right side (again, was MUCH nicer when everything was just in front of you in the center of the screen)


    I completely agree with the last post on this subject. It really reflects my frustration with this change as well