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When I save or refresh, I lose all my hidden columns and Filters.....WHY!!?!?

Shaun Mahon
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Please guys, before you add new functionality please make the existing framework stronger.


NOT being able to sort while filters are on is not only extremly annoying and fustrating (I spend almost halfy my time unfiltering to sort cloumns to get the information I need), but should be an easy fix for development!


When Smartsheet saves I pretty much cross my fingers that my screen will look the same afterwards. Its all over the place, most of the time all filters and hidden columns reset....WHY?


Iv added Smartsheet on an enterprise level, but my staff and clients who share sheets with us constantly question the logic of the basic functionality.


You relly need to please look at how to speed up basic productivity in smartsheets, Im almost at the end of my patience as are my staff and clients, and thats a reall pitty because my client is a corporate giant.


  • Benjamin Walker

    Are you opening the sheet as a publish user? Sounds like a issues where multiple users are making structural changes at once to me .


    Filtering only effects the user who applied the filter. 

    Sorting the sheet and saving it rearranges the rows for everyone.

    Hidden columns can only be controlled by Admins.

    Publish users cannot save filters.

    If another user un-hides a column and saves it will un-hide the column for all who view the sheet


    Does that clear anything up for you? 


  • Shaun Mahon

    Hi Benjamin


    I am an admin user.

    It just happend again. I went to print my sheet, I spent about 10 minutes setting it up the right way with hidden columns, filters and sorting. I hit save and I lose everything.... All fliters, all sorts and all columns are unhidden, like its been reset.

  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Shaun-- Is this sheet shared with any other users? From my end, it sounds like there may be another Admin user or sheet Owner making changes. Regardless, I would not expect filters to be removed from a sheet after saving. Please reach out to Support@Smartsheet.com to troubleshoot this, as this is not expected behavior.

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