Creating a bug burndown dashboard in Smartsheet

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Creating a bug burndown dashboard in Smartsheet


We are currently using the SmartSheet + JIRA connector which allows us to export JIRA stories to SSheet and have bi-directional editing capabilities of both sources of data.  This works great and allows team members (like our QA team) who do not have JIRA accounts to update their SSheet and the changes are automatically made in JIRA.

We are using a hybrid Agile development methodology and would like to be able to produce a bug burndown chart. The challenge with this is JIRA stories and SSheet data are constantly being edited and updated.  I'd preferably like to do a daily save or export of the current open bug count and then be able to access that data and pull it into a Dashboard to chart over a week or month in duration.  

Any ideas or pointers on how to do this if possible would be appreciated as my research has turned up zero leads!




  • Hi Tom,

    Smartsheet doesn't have any built in burndown chart capabilities as we use the Gantt chart capabilities to track progress of work over time. You may find our Agile Template of some use if you're able to incorporate a Gantt chart within a Dashboard for monitoring progress of bugs in Jira.

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment so we can be sure to get this feature up for consideration. 





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