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Sights examples


I am just starting to look at using the Sights feature.  I would like to hear what others in the community are doing for real life examples.  Thanks for sharing!



  • Stephanie Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I love the Sights!!  I work for the Board of Elections and one of the ways I use the Sights was to create a live summary of our election by pulling information from several sheets.  So anytime the info is changed on the individual sheets that I pull the info from the Sight is automatically updated.  I then share the Sight with my bosses, co-workers and our Board of Directors.  So at any given time they know exactly what is going on by viewing one sheet versus 10 sheets. 

  • Perfect example Stephanie!  Thanks so much!  I'm still working on getting it setup on our account so I'm very excited to start using it..all the training videos are really useful.  Thanks Again, Tony

  • Jae Anderson
    Jae Anderson ✭✭✭✭

    I am creating sights for different users at a Community College.

    - The CIO's sheet shows the status of projects, budgets and upcoming events/deadlines

    - The Deans sheet shows the status of documentation from our office with quicklinks for data

    -The Admin Assistants have part of the deans, but also a more detailed level with requsition tracking. 


    The next challenge is getting them to use this as their landing page daily.

  • RPatil

    Hi Stephanie"  Can you please send your template.  Thanks


  • Stephanie Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Send me your email address and I will share the sight with you.  If you don't want to put your email address on the community then send it to my work email - stephanie.taylor@maryland.gov.



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