Red Dots on Tab Icon

Jroeder ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

What does the red dot indicate on the Smartsheet Tab Icon?



  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
    edited 09/17/19

    Hello Jroeder,


    Thank you for reaching out within the Smartsheet Community.


    I've tested this and can confirm that this is caused by bookmaring a Smartsheet Item when there was an unread notification present.


    If you have accessed a bookmarked Smartsheet item or bookmark a Smartsheet item that has an unread notification, the red dot will stay present on that item until the the item is refreshed by accessing said item and opening the Notification Center.


    If you are still receiving this red dot after reading the notification, please attempt to clear you cache and cookies for your specific browser as seen in this article: (


    Assuming that this has not resolved your issue, please can you contact our Support Team regarding this issue 


    Kind Regards