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Smartsheet and Docu Sign

Brian Harvey
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Is there anyone out there using this application?


  • We use DocuSign for the vast majority of our contracts - we use it more frequently through our Office 365 intigration - but have used it with Smartsheet as well.  Works pretty well and saves a lot of paper and manual work as far as printing, scanning, etc.



  • Thanks Jay - for the update. I appreciate the help!!


    can you import the data from the smartsheet directly into the  contract document you want to send out almost like a mail merge?

  • Brian,

    We have never tried using functionality that advanced.  All we have done is upload static PDFs that require a signature.


    We looked at fully functional Docu-sign about 18 months ago prior to signing up for Smartsheet and they had a lot template functions and other useful functionality.  So it may be possible.



  • Tim Meyer
    Tim Meyer
    edited 07/14/15

    Hi Brian.

    We just recently signed up for smartsmeet but I've used Docusign pretty extensively in the past. I created a POC using smartsheet and Docusign and can tell you that yes you can pull data from your smartsheet into your Docusign form, let Docusign send it out for filling and signature, and then have the completed pdf attached to your smartsheet.  I was using Docusign templates to do this.  Thats where you load your PDF or other doc type into Docusign before hand and create a template "overlay". 

  • Thanks Tim  I appreciate the feedback - I just cant figure out how to pull the data from the smartsheet into my PDF document. I can not find any documentation to show me how to do this?

    Thanks again for your guidance - I just need to dig deeper on how to get this done.

    but at least I know now its possible. 

  • Hi Brian,


    Here is a link to the overview video: https://youtu.be/htlVWPqBx4k


    The Docusign Smartsheet integration enables some really fantastic workflows, I use them in my day to day work. The integration is not officially supported by Smartsheet, but here is what I have learned from using it. Hope it helps! Some basic getting started tips:


    First, create and save a template in Docusign identifying the data fields you want to fill.


    Next, create a sheet with columns that correspond to the data you want to auto-fill in to your form.


    Ok, so now we’re ready to make the magic happen! Make sure SmartsheetLabs is enabled in your account.

    Then, click on the Docusign App and log in to connect your accounts. Bookmark https://smartsheetlabs.com/docusign


    Once your account is connected, click on “Build New Workflow”.

    Now, choose the Docusign template, choose the sheet and map your data fields. You are selecting which sheet column corresponds to the specific field in your Docusign template.

    Now that your workflow is saved, select the envelope icon.

    Select the rows you would like to create Docusign documents with. NOTE: One row = one form

    Next, select your sending option. You can either review as a draft in Docusign or send immediately.



    Finally, once the completed document has been signed via Docusign, it will be attached to the row in your sheet.



  • Brian Harvey
    edited 10/01/15

    Hi Alina - thank you so much for providing me with this detail. This is awesonme. I will try and let you know how I make out. 

    Your the best!!


  • On the Smartsheet Labs sign in page for Docusign- cannot seem to login. It keeps on saying Authentication failed- tried my email and the API username. 

    I can log into Docusign no problem on their site. 

  • Loann McGee
    Loann McGee ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    FYI that you cannot create custom fields in DocuSign unless you have the Business Pro level account. 

    Also, if you choose to you the attachment option in Smartsheet, my experience is you can only send one attachment at a time. For our purposes, we're using this process to gain approval for a radio interview, so our document contents are never the same. 

    Hope the attachment option gets upgraded so you can send multiple in one email. This would open a much more streamlined process approval for our needs.



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