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I am receiving a MS project file in an excel format and trying to load into a Project sheet in Smartsheet. I have a WBS column and from the WBS column by counting the dots I want to determine the level. The formula works fine in a sheet but when I write the formula on the expression input value as 

=LEN(WBS) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE(WBS), ".", "")) without the row reference I see "#UNPARSEABLE" in all the rows.


If I use =LEN(WBS1) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE(WBS1), ".", "")) then the number counter is not incremented by data loader and all rows is referenced to row1.


I am sure I am making a basic mistake any inputs will be helpful.  


  • Hello,

    If you would like the expressions inserted into your sheet to reference the rows they're added to as Data Uploader runs, you'll want to remove the specific row reference and instead use the @row function. Otherwise you'll see every row filled with the formula containing the specific row reference as you already saw. 

    Using you're example, a suitable adjustment for your Data Uploader expression would be:

    =LEN([email protected]) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE([email protected], ",", ""))

    You can read more about @row / @cell functionalities here: 

    Hopefully that is what you're looking for but feel free to submit a ticket with Smartsheet Support if you still need help with this.


    Nathan L.

  • debojyoti.dutta58041debojyoti.dutta58041 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanx Nathan was able to resolve this issue. 

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