CountIfs based on if a cell in the row is >50 and a specific date

ScionoftheNight ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi, I am working with two sheets. One sheet has active sales orders, while the other sheet is a summary sheet of the number of things that passed/failed for each day of the month (it pulls from the active sales orders sheets). For a particular day (say Sept 1st), I am trying to see how many sales orders passed. Passed means their Guide Editing Efficiency is >49.99. My formula in my summary sheet is referencing the sales order sheet and it is the following:

 =COUNTIFS({ICE Analysis - 2DP Range 3}, >49.99, {ICE Analysis - 2DP Range 4}, =DATE([Column7]@row))

^this fails, but if I do

 =COUNTIFS({ICE Analysis - 2DP Range 3}, >49.99, {ICE Analysis - 2DP Range 4}, =DATE([2019,9,1]))

I get the correct value

I don't want to have to enter in the date for every formula, I just want to be able to drag it down for any new dates. How can I do this? Thanks!