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RFI integration

Mikie Doyle
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Do you know if RFI chips in folders could be integrated with SS? Thanks for the info!


  • Jonathan Chan

    Hello Mikie:


    Are you referring to RFID when coining "RFI chips"?  If yes, I second to this request.  Tks for raising this point.



  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Mikie-- We don't offer the ability to do this directly within Smartsheet and it's not on our short-term roadmap. If you have access to a developer, you might consider creating your own integration with the Smartsheet API. I'm assuming you already have an RFID reader that would pull data, then you could use the API to push that data into Smartsheet. 

  • Mikie Doyle
    edited 08/17/16

    Thanks Kennedy. We don't currently have a RFID reader but we are looking into it and I think if the SS API could possibly work then it might be ok for us. I will talk with out developers. Thanks again.

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