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Editing Reports Without Having Access to the Underlying Sheet?



  • + 1 - this would make exchange of user-specific info easier and workflows more efficient

  • I also need this functionality

  • Plus one million for this functionality.

  • EHatchEHatch ✭✭✭✭✭

    I could use this as well. Old Man Coyote's idea of "Editor - Access via Reports" is great.

  • @smartsheet team , any progress on this popular request ? 

  • Nearly three years... I would like to once again mention that this would be a huge and I think very popular improvement!

    Also - hapt birthday to this request 3 days in advance

  • I think this could be achieved by "security through obscurity" if SmartSheet would add the ability to hide a shared sheet from the shared users navigation pane.

    They could add a checkbox to where you share it with a user that when selected would not display the shared sheet in the users navigation pane on the left. Then we could also deselect the existing checkbox for notifying the user before saving.

    The combination of the two would share the sheet so it could be used in editable reports but the user would have no idea the sheet exists or a way of accessing the sheet directly. 

    This would allow me to create reports that key on the "current user" and matching that to fields to control which records the user would see displayed in the report. Or another way of saying it, is I could then control the security through reports and still have the user with the ability to edit the data displayed to them in the shared report.

  • Adding my name to this list! Much needed feature!!!

  • Add another upvote.

  • Zach BZach B ✭✭✭✭✭

    Another vote for this. This feature would be a big help. Any idea if anything is in the pipeline?

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